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Mirror, mirror on the car

Modern vehicles have a variety of accessories that come standard in most vehicles. Seat belts, seat warmers, and air conditions were not always included in cars in the past. Most of these features have just recently become the new norm. One addition that was most recently standardized within the last few decades is the side mirror. For most of the 20th century, side-view mirrors were not the norm, but an optional add-on feature for new cars. This may come as a surprise becomes one of the first lessons we learn in Driver’s Ed is to check your side mirrors and glance over your shoulder before switching lanes. For the first half of the 20th century, many roads only consisted of two lanes, with each lane headed in the opposite direction. Therefore, design and safety requirements depended on the regulations during the period a vehicle was manufactured. Vehicles consisted of only the features that lawmakers deemed necessary. Since most roads were only one lane at the time, there weren ... read more

Emergency Items to Keep in Your Vehicle

Emergency Items to Keep in Your Vehicle

While many of us get into our cars each day and expect to get to our destination without trouble, unexpected things can happen. Whenever you use your vehicle, being as prepared as possible is the single best way to handle a variety of different types of situations. Whether you hit some bad weather, get a flat tire, or are involved in a minor vehicle collision, having emergency items on hand when you need them can make a huge difference!  We know that emergency or unexpected situations on the road can be scary, but this is why being as prepared as possible can help aid you in these instances and take away some of the stress that comes with having to deal with an unexpected situation. We recommend having the following 10 emergency items on hand in your vehicle at all times:  A spare tire, jack and a lug wrench to change a flat tire.   A flashlight in case you need light in the dark to change a tire or check out something on your vehicle.   A small tool kit to ha ... read more

Important Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

We understand that it can be a little bit stressful when thinking about going to the auto repair shop. However, the most important thing to remember is that you are in charge of your own vehicle, and that you can ask as many questions as you would like about your car and any recommended services. Here are some suggestions on what to ask your mechanic when you visit the shop: Are your mechanics licensed? - It is always a good idea to ask if the shop’s mechanics are licensed or certified. This will give you peace of mind that the staff working on your vehicle know what they are doing.    What exactly is wrong with my vehicle? - Don’t be afraid to ask for details about what is actually wrong with your vehicle. This will give you the opportunity to understand the repair and do more research yourself.  How much will this cost me? - Don’t be afraid to ask for an estimate of any work that the shop is recomm ... read more

A Note About COVID-19 from University Chevron

A Note About COVID-19 from University Chevron

At University Chevron, we want you to know that we remain open and here for all of your automotive needs during this difficult time. We are closely monitoring CDC updates regarding the virus and understand the severity of this matter. Auto repair is considered an essential service, and we understand the importance of staying open to be available to service you with reliable auto care when you need it.  Whether you need your vehicle to get to work, go to the store, or get medical care - a reliable car is extremely vital at this time. If you find yourself dealing with car trouble or need a service completed, you can count on University Chevron to assist and get you back on the road.  We want to do our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and have implemented new measures to ensure the safety of both our customers and our employees. Those measures include the following:  Sanitizing your vehicle's keys and high-touch services upon entry and exit Stepping ... read more

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