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Common Causes of Oil Leaks

Engine oil is the blood life of your engine, and without proper lubrication from the fluid, your engine parts would suffer from friction damage. Your car motor works under extreme pressures and temperatures, and it relies on this one fluid to keep running. As automobiles get older, however, parts tend to wear out. If one of these engine oil-related pieces goes wrong, it can inevitably lead to oil leaks:

Worn Gaskets

Old gaskets are a common cause of oil leakages. Gaskets are essentially rubbery seals that provide a cushion between metal pieces within the engine. Like most rubber materials, they can break down from extreme pressures/temps and wear and tear over time, causing oil to seep out.

Clogged Oil Filter 

The oil filter is responsible for sifting out filthy and nasty contaminants from the oil before letting it go back into the engine. If you have neglected to replace the filter, oil can leak out from the clogged filter. Additionally, poor-fitting and incorrectly installed filters can also be the cause of your leak.

Leaky Oil Filler Cap

If you’ve ever refilled your vehicle before, you typically know where the oil filler cap is. It is the lid you have to remove before pouring the lubricant in. When the cap isn’t properly screwed on or damaged, it can cause an oil leak due to pressure changes.

Damaged Oil Pan

Commonly found under the vehicle, the pan is the reservoir that holds the extra engine oil. It is in a vulnerable position, making it susceptible to damage from hitting bumps and other obstacles. If the oil pan is fractured enough, it can leak out oil.

Loose Drain Plug

Last but not least, the drain plug is the piece used to drain out the oil during oil service. If this component is loose or mispositioned, it can cause oil to seep out.


If you notice a dark puddle underneath your parked car, there’s a good chance that it is leaky motor oil. We highly recommend bringing your car to the professionals at University Chevron today for an inspection. Our experienced techs can check your oil levels and pinpoint the damaged areas so that you can get the necessary repairs. 


Let us help you lubricate your engine! Feel free to give our team a call or visit University Chevron in Fairbanks, CA today.

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