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What Is a Tire Blowout & How to Prevent Them

For drivers, a tire blowout is worse than a flat tire. Tireblowouts are a quick and explosive loss of tire pressure and are almost always unrepairable. The scary thing about them is that they happen out of nowhere. You might be wondering, “what can cause a tire blowout”. 

  • Underfilled tires
  • Uneven and thin tread wear
  • Damage (from nails, glass, etc.)
  • Hauling too heavy of items
  • Tire defects

Tire blowouts cannot go unmissed, as they make a loud, disruptive sound. Additionally, a tire blowout may also produce a strong, burning rubber smell as the tires pop. If you catch any of these signs, the first thing to remember is to stay calm. Do not slam on your brakes as that could lead to an accident and worsen the damage. Instead, we recommend using your hazards to signal to other drivers that you need to get out of the road. Once you are able to pull off to a safer spot, call for roadside assistance immediately. 


Prevention Tips

Tire blowouts are unfortunate, but thankfully you can minimize your risk of ever getting one. The key to avoiding tire damage is proper tire maintenance (of course!). Make sure to follow these tips below:

  • Routinely monitor your tire pressure and make sure they are properly filled to their recommended psi. Having too little air in your tires is one of the most common contributors to tire blowout incidents.
  • Measure your tire tread regularly. This can be done quickly and simply with a penny.   The penny test will show you whether it is time to replace your tires.
  • Don’t haul too many things with your vehicle. When you overload your vehicle with heavy items, it can strain your engine, put more pressure on your tires, and ultimately can lead to a tire blowout.

If you have been a victim of a tire blowout scenario and need new tires, please do not hesitate to stop by University Chevron. Our tire professionals can keep your car running safely on the road.

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