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Symptoms That Indicate You May Need a Tune-Up

Whether yours is an old or new model, every vehicle needs a tune-up at one time or the other. Mostly a tune-up service involves you dropping your car at your trusted auto repair shop for a thorough inspection and preventative maintenance service. The inspection covers a visual check of the entire engine system, including the spark plugs, fuel pump, injectors, filters, engine fluid, among other components. This is to ensure that everything is in great shape and running smoothly. Suffice to say, the ultimate tune-up service will depend on the inspection report and may include anything from oil to spark plug and ignition timing replacement.

So, How Can You Tell When Your Car is Ready for Tune-Up?

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by understanding the common indicators that your car needs tune-up services. Some of them include:

Engine Light Illuminates the Dashboard

While these little engine lights do not always mean impending danger, they point to one thing - you need to drop your car by an auto repair shop. Most drivers do not even understand what the light means or what to do when they come up. It would be best to arrange for maintenance service at your earliest convenience to be safe.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

If you pay attention to your car fuel use, you might notice a sudden reduction in fuel efficiency, characterized by a need to fill your pump more often. It would be best to visit your mechanic for an extensive inspection, report, professional insight, advice, and recommendation.


Sometimes after pressing on the fuel pedal during acceleration, the car might take a long time to respond. Stalling is downright dangerous and, therefore, nothing you would want to ignore.

Brake Issues

No matter how small, any braking problem is a serious safety concern that calls for immediate attention. Whether it's a spongy brake pedal or a noisy braking system, your technical expert will run an extensive diagnosis and provide viable recommendations and repair servicing to guarantee safe driving.

From constant vibrations and rough rides to handling difficulties, it is easy to tell when your car is ready for a tune-up. Do not wait until these issues become serious problems. If your car needs tune-up services, be sure to visit or contact our auto repair shop today!

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