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Six Maintenance Musts to Get Your Car Holiday Road Trip Ready

Whether you are packing up the family for a trip to see your in-laws or just taking the ones you love on a national tour of the most spectacular holiday lights in the US, one thing that should never interfere with the holiday cheer is car trouble. In order to avoid trouble on the road, here are six maintenance musts to get your car ready to get out on the open road.


Most car batteries last about three to five years. However, you don't want to get halfway to Grandma's to find out that your battery's life has come to an end. A routine maintenance check with professionals to clean the battery's connectors or simply replace one damaged beyond repair altogether, will keep your holiday plans moving along as designed.

Fluids and Filters

Make sure your car's fluids are full. Your engine's oil and coolant (antifreeze), windshield washer fluid, power steering and transmission fluids should all be at manufacturer-recommended levels to make certain you are covered until you arrive safely home.
Engine air filter cleaning and periodic replacement is necessary to keep debris from collecting in your engine and causing problems with the car's acceleration. Your local mechanic can take care of your filter and get you back on the road in minutes.


When it comes to your loved ones, you can't put a price on safety. Your car's braking system is one of its biggest safety features and needs to be in great shape when you get on the road. If you hear grinding or squeaking from your brakes, your auto service professional can inspect them and replace them if necessary before you get on the road.


Tires and brakes work together and the tread on your tires can get worn down and make braking harder especially in inclement weather. Mechanics can check to make certain your tires are in proper shape including the tread, air pressure and locating any minor tears that could result in a blowout.

Steering and Suspension

Loose steering parts, damaged shocks or struts, and broken or worn-out mountings can all bring your holiday road trip caroling to a silent halt. Professionals who can examine your car's steering and suspension systems will ensure the family is singing over the river and through the woods all the way to your holiday destination and home again.

Weatherproof Your Holiday Road Trip

Make sure you have a shovel, blanket, torch, hi-visibility vest, screen wash, scraper, deicer and snow grips for your shoes in the car when you get on the road. Don't let your family get caught in a storm without a basic winter weather safety kit as weather systems become more and more erratic.
You and your family deserve the happiest of holidays this year. Keep everyone safe this holiday season by stopping by University Chevron before you hit the road. You might even score extra points with the in-laws if you do.

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