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Maintenance Tips for High Mileage Vehicles

Drivers aren’t just keeping their vehicles for several years; they’re driving more miles in a shorter period of time. Cars are expensive, and not every individual can purchase a new one once it hits over 100,000 miles. Today, it’s about protecting your investment. While modern vehicles are built more sturdily, they still need consistent servicing to optimize performance. Once a car enters the high mileage club, constant vehicle maintenance helps increase longevity, handling, and fuel efficiency. Below are a few tips to keep your high mileage vehicle running several thousand miles long. 

Stay consistent with the owner’s manual recommended services.
Vehicles need regular checkups just as we do. A tune-up is a perfect time to have an inspection to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. Tune-ups also catch any issues before they lead to costly repairs. 

Get Regular Car Washes.
Keeping your vehicle clean inside and out preserves the car. A clean vehicle maintains its resale value. Car washes that include a wax also maintain the life of the paint. 

Maintain the Tires.
Tires can last several years with proper maintenance. Tires can lose or gain tire pressure depending on climate, weather, road conditions, and driving habits. It’s essential to take time to check that all tires are at the correct tire pressure to prevent premature wear. 

Get Regular Oil Changes.
Clean oil is essential to keeping the engine well lubricated and running efficiently. Consistent oil changes protect the engine from damaging friction and heat. 

Stay on Top of Fluid Flushes.
If a vehicle has high mileage, fluid flushes are essential. Transmission fluid wears down with time, and transmission flushes will help boost performance for high mileage vehicles. The coolant system can also benefit from a flush to keep the air conditioning blowing cold and the heater running warm. Brake flushes are another fluid flush that can extend the lifespan of high mileage vehicles. Brake flushes keep the brake components free of corrosion and rust. 

Treat Your Vehicle With Care.
Once your vehicle has driven over 100,000 miles, it’s no longer a spring chicken. Do not slam on the brakes, jerk the steering wheel into turns, or speed. Treat your car with care because high mileage vehicles are more prone to mechanical failure. 

High mileage vehicle maintenance in Fairbanks, AK.
If you have a high mileage vehicle that needs servicing, University Chevron in Fairbanks, AK has the automotive experts that can help. 

Our ASE Master technicians can provide oil change, tire rotation, wheel balance, fluid flushes, and more for high mileage vehicles. Give us a call at 866-833-7317 at or click here to schedule an appointment

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