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How to Use Your Vehicle’s Defrosters

The car defroster is essential for drivers in Fairbanks, AK. However, they stand to be one of the most confusing parts of a car. It is a part of your vehicle’s HVAC system, and it plays a major role this time of year. Read on to learn everything you need to know about auto defrosters.

Front vs Rear Defrosters

The most commonly known defroster is the one located on the front of your vehicle. Your car engine generates heat that goes through the HVAC to point the air on your windshield. There’s also the rear defroster, which doesn’t use engine heat. Instead, it uses thin heated lines in the glass to defrost your back windshield. They both serve to defog and clear ice off your glass surfaces. To turn on your defrosters, look for the symbol with arrows pointing upward towards a windshield or rear windshield. 

What Temperature Should You Set It?

The temperature setting to which you should set the defrosters on should depend on whether you need to defog or defrost your windows. A good rule of thumb to remember is to turn the temperature opposite to what it is outside. So, if it is cold, you want to increase the temperature to defrost the windshield. On the other hand, a foggy window from humid, warm air requires cold air to defog.

Wait for Them to Kick In!

Last but not least, you need to remember that the defroster functions aren’t meant to work within seconds. Your car engine needs to warm up before the defrosters can be completely effective. We don’t recommend driving unless your windows are properly cleared off.

If you suspect an issue with your defrosters, or with your HVAC system, please do not hesitate to stop by or call the professional technicians at University Chevron today. We are known for cracking down on defroster issues and repairing them right the first time around. Feel free to schedule an appointment online today.

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