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How to Summerize Your Car

It's about to be summertime, and that means many drivers will be out and about more often. Whether you are planning a summer road trip, running errands on the weekends, or spending your evenings out, you're going to need a reliable car to take you places.


Therefore, it's time to think about your automobile and the kinds of maintenance it might need this season. Here are some crucial tips to ensure you are driving safely throughout the summer:

  1. Beat the heat with cooling system maintenance. Your car's cooling system is critical to keeping your summer driving cool and smooth. Your engine needs a clean flow of coolant to prevent it from overheating.
  2. Cool down with air conditioning maintenance. It's not actually summer if you aren't cranking up the car A/C. We advise that you make sure of your air conditioning by getting a freon recharge. Plus, our technicians can inspect the system for any worn or damaged components. 
  3. Change to summer tread. All-Weather tires are suitable for summertime driving. You'll get better speed, better handling, and better fuel economy with the right set of tires.
  4. Get a brake inspection. Summer weather can bring all sorts of surprises to Fairbanks. You'll want to make sure your brakes are in good shape and ready to make adequate stops. Hot weather can cause brake pads and other parts to wear down faster, so please be cautious of any unusual brake signs.

We hope you are enjoying the nicer weather in Fairbanks, CA. For all your automotive needs this spring and summer, we welcome you to Fairbanks Auto Repair. Please give us a call or book your appointment online with us today.

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