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Greatest Car Movies Ever Made

The action sequences of great car movies are exciting. The chases and the getaways filled with death-defying maneuvers and driving tricks are often enough to get people to cheer for their heroes and sit on the edge of their seats. The superior cars with souped-up engines and fearless drivers make car movies have a large following. These are all something this list of the greatest car movies ever made has in abundance.

Baby Driver (2017)

A talented young getaway car driver is trying to escape from the mobster with whom he has been serving. The film boasts some of the most jarringly wild automobile pursuits, masterfully synchronized to the trendiest music.

Death Proof (2007)

A ruthless stuntman uses his automobile as his unusual weapon. Death proof has two long, actual car battles in which vehicles such as a Chevy Nova SS are skidded, leaped, and smashed with impunity.

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry (1974)

An adaptation of the 1963 novel, The Chase, features hot pursuits with several near misses as a Dodge Charger souped-up through an 8-cylinder engine enables it to elude police detection.

Duel (1971)

What starts as a short little mystery instantly turns into a fantastic study about machismo. A softy traveler in his automobile gets terrorized by a menacing big rig for little to no reason. The pushover duels fate when contrasted with his vicious, seemingly unstoppable foe.

Grand Prix (1966)

The competition vehicles, and some competitors and celebrities, are all true in this racing film, which occurs during the 1966 Formula One campaign. True car fans need to see Grand Prix. The viewer gets visually and psychologically placed inside the driver's vehicle.

Ronin (1998)

This film vividly depicts the world of high-speed chase sequences. Arguably the greatest ever, Ronin contains two fantastic automobile chases. Featuring an M5, S8, Citroen XM, and a Mercedes 6.9 -automobiles picked by a car enthusiast - make the chases excel.

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