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Doggy Road Trip Tips

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, so what better way to spend your free time than a road trip with your furry pal. For some dogs, a road trip is a joyful experience, while for others, it may leave them nervous and tense. Some dogs even get nauseated and car sick. To ensure your road trip will be a fun and stress-free experience for you and your pup, you should follow a few tips. Below are some suggestions for making your drive safe and enjoyable for your dog: 

  • What types of drives is your dog used to? The trips your dog takes should be varied. If you only drive your pup to the doctor to get shots, car rides can be nerve-wracking. Help your pup associate car rides with a pleasant experience like play dates, dog parks, or puppy spas. Make road trips an enjoyable experience for your pup. 
  • Make sure you pack your dog’s essentials. Before starting your trip, make sure you have bags for poop, water, bowl, treats, safety harness, crate, etc. You should be prepared for any little necessities your dog may need along the way. 
  • Prepare in advance for possible motion sickness. Line your vehicle with plastic bags and keep additional cleaning supplies. Try not to feed your dog a few hours before leaving to avoid any significant nausea or vomiting. It may be useful to bring some of their favorite toys from home to make them more comfortable. If worse comes to worst, your veterinarian may be able to provide medicine to ease any motion sickness. 
  • Ensure that your dog is properly restrained. Make sure your four-legged love is adequately secured in a safety harness or comfortably in their crate. Do not operate your vehicle with your dog in your lap, as this is a form of distracted driving.
  • Make it mandatory that you never leave your dog in the car alone. Cars can reach well over 115°, and all it takes is just 15 minutes in a hot vehicle for major brain damage to occur. Cold weather can be just as dangerous; winter temperatures can result in freezing. 

Road trips are one of the best ways to spend a little quality time with your dog. With preparation and safety precautions, you’ll make car rides something you both look forward to. When you approach doggy road trips with patience and positive reinforcement, you approach it with love.

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