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Monthly Archives: October 2020

5 Signs Your Alternator is Failing

5 Signs Your Alternator is Failing

The alternator plays a vital role in the electrical systems within your vehicle. It turns the energy from within the crankshaft into electricity that your car needs to power the battery and other essential parts of the electrical system. In ideal conditions, the alternator can last 7-10 years. If the alternator does begin to wear, various other electrical components also start to fail. While the alternator can fail randomly, some drivers notice minor vehicle issues happening overtime. If you suspect your alternator is beginning to fail, below are five common symptoms that indicate a problem is on the rise: •  Battery Indicator Light The battery light will illuminate on the dashboard or the letters ALT if the alternator is giving out. This can alert you that there are electrical issues that need your attention. •  The Battery is Weak If the alternator can’t charge the battery, the battery will be weak and inconsistent. One ... read more

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