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Monthly Archives: November 2020

Brake Maintenance Tips to Implement This Winter

Brake Maintenance Tips to Implement This Winter

  Brake pads create the necessary friction and force to stop your vehicle. Their maintenance is an integral part of handling, drivability, and safety. Over time, heat and friction can wear the brake pads. In some cases, the brake pads can wear at different rates depending on the environment and your driving habits. If your commute has a lot of city driving, you'll use the brakes more frequently than freeway driving. However, braking at high speeds can wear the brake pads exponentially faster than at lower speeds. Brake wear is also dependent on the type of vehicle you drive, but you can do techniques to get the most out of your brake pads. Below are three tips to implement to increase the lifespan this winter.  Lighten the amount of weight you carry in your vehicle. Excess weight will cause you to press harder on the pedal to slow down the same distance if there wasn't additional weight.   Increase your stopping distance.  Harsh braking that is har ... read more

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