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Monthly Archives: January 2021

How Can I Drive Safely in Bad Weather?

How Can I Drive Safely in Bad Weather?

Have you ever experienced the terror of your car turning sideways and felt like you had no control over your vehicle? Here are some tips to help you drive safely in winter weather. 1. Slow Down Whether rain, snow, wind, or fog, the most important thing you can do is lower your speed. Not only are you usually visually impaired in rough weather, slowing down lessens the chances of sliding on rain or snow and also keeps high winds from pulling the steering wheel out of your grasp. 2. Leave Plenty of Room Between the Car Ahead of You Even if you're driving safely and slowly, bear in mind the person ahead of you might not have the same mindset or experience with the weather situation. They may start to slip and slide and you want to have as much room as possible to come to a safe stop. 3. Plan Ahead Leave early for your destination so that you won't be prone to drive too fast. Scrape ice or snow off your windshield. Let y ... read more

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