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8 Winter Must-Haves for Your Car

If you're not new to Fairbanks, AK, you know that the winter weather is no joke with below-freezing temperatures every day. When you get into your car this winter, you should take a quick inventory. The weather will be snowy, icy, and unpredictable, which is why you must keep a few essential emergency items in your car. Here are eight must-have winter items you should keep in your vehicle!

Portable Battery

It's not unusual for everyone to keep a car charger in their cars nowadays, but do consider keeping a portable battery or power bank with you. Just in case you get stranded and your phone dies, you can power it up and call for help.

Ice Scraper

There's nothing more annoying than a frosted-over vehicle. To combat this problem, keep an ice scraper on hand, so you can quickly clear off your windows, mirrors, and lights before driving.

Compact Shovel

If your wheels get stuck in deep snow, a shovel can be your hero. You can dig out from around a tire that's spinning or add fresh snow to it to improve your tire's grip. 

Sand or Kitty Litter

If you haven't heard of this trick before, where have you been? You can sprinkle sand or kitty litter around your tires if they get caught in snow, slush, or ice. It provides extra grit and allows your tires to gain better traction.


A flashlight can be beneficial for signaling to other vehicles, searching for items in your car in the dark, or poking around under the hood. 

Blanket and Winter Clothes/Accessories

It's winter, and you MUST dress for it. We advise that you store a few blankets in your trunk, as well as any old sweatshirts/sweaters, warm socks, boots, and a pair of warm pants. Also, don't forget the mittens and a hat!

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit including bandages, adhesive tape, ointment, scissors, gauze, and any medications can help you with minor injuries and health problems.

Jumper Cables

Starting your car in the dead of winter can be a difficult task, especially if you have a weak battery to begin with. Please remember to store a pair of jumper cables in your vehicle to be on the safe side. Also, it wouldn't hurt to test your battery at the start of winter to determine whether or not you should replace it soon.


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