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5 Dashboard Warning Light Every Driver Should Know

No matter how the age of your vehicle, all old and new cars have things in common: the same kind of warning lights that pop up on the dashboard. While your vehicle may be high-tech with bright touch screens, GPSs, and heated steering wheels, your car still needs the same level of maintenance as any other car. If your vehicle isn't well-kept, then you may need to start paying attention to your dash.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

  • What it Looks Like - A tire marked with an exclamation point or the words "low tire pressure." 
  • What it Means - Whenever you catch this light on your dash, it means one or more of your tires have become deflated. Correct tire pressure is a massive contributor to the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. Insufficient tire pressure can drastically impact your fuel consumption from an efficiency standpoint. From a safety POV, deflated tires make the car more difficult to handle.

Check Engine Light

  • What it Looks Like - Yellow engine block
  • What it Means - This type of warning light is most challenging to diagnose because so many different things could affect your engine performance. While it can be a simple repair, it can also mean severe implications for your engine. You should never ignore this light; instead, please take it to University Chevron for a diagnostics test ASAP.

Electrical System Light

  • What it Looks Like - Car battery 
  • What it Means - While most people only associate this light with a dead battery, it may also come on for a failing alternator or burnt electrical wiring.

Low Engine Oil Pressure Light

  • What it Looks Like - Traditional oil can
  • What it Means - While it can sometimes signify that you are low on oil, it could mean you have other lubrication issues. It can be your oil pump or a clogged oil filter.

Coolant Temperature Warning Light

  • What it Looks Like - Thermometer dipped in a liquid
  • What it Means - If this light is red, it usually means your engine is on the brink of overheating. You can verify by looking at the temperature gauge; the needle will point towards the H (H=hot). Sometimes, you may have a blue coolant light. In this case, the coolant is too cool.

Fortunately, the technicians at University Chevron have plenty of experience in diagnosing and repairing these dashboard warning lights. We welcome you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop in Fairbanks, AK, today!

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