As always, well done!!


I am getting used to new staff, and I like how the seasoned staff provide such great customer service, ensuing trust. I am used to great service and courteous customer service and am glad that my belt can be covered under the warranty.


A little expensive for an oil change and tire rotation but then what isn’t in Alaska? Several dummy dash lights were on when I picked truck up but they cleared as I got back out on the road. My one complaint is that the air pressure light is on and staying on. This was not an issue when I brought the truck in. Not a big deal and I’m sure they’d put a little air into them if I brought it back in. I will be using them again.


I love the superb quality service and the confidence I have in my vehicles after they have been to University Chevron!!


Unable to properly place the plug in a good location.


I was not that happy when I found out you didn’t bother to get the tires until the day you needed them and at that time were $3 a piece more. When I made the appointment I was told they needed to have some time to get the tires because you were out. I would have been really unhappy had they not been able to get them on this day. Have always been satisfied with the work performed.


Early morning drop-off at 7:30a went great, then as the day went on, not so great. Around 3p I called to see when or if my car was going to be done before 6p because I needed to take a taxi to another business if it was not. I left messages which were not returned, got Trent once who didn't know and was very brusque. All calls after that until past 5p went to voicemail. Finally I got the front desk who was just finishing up my paperwork, I asked for a ride and he said the driver had to go to practice early so I would have to find alternative means to get to them. I took a taxi and the front desk was uniquely disorganized and slow - always before paperwork was done, but this time there was a lot of tension at the front desk and nothing much was being taken care of. Not the usual service I have come to expect over the years at University Chevron. Just a bad day? I hope so.


08-17-17 Five Star Rating. We had a misunderstanding about warranty coverage but we were able to resolve our issue and come to a mutual agreement. I'm very pleased with University Chevron's work. Mike and Troy were exceptional. Thank you!


I took in two vehicles to get serviced/winterized (yesterday and today). Even though one quote was off a bit, you guys still did a great job on my vehicles (husband inspected). One happy customer and will definitely recommend yall to any newbies.


One Star Rating. I took my 2007 Toyota Tacoma to University Chevron because they were highly recommended by a few friends. 08-10-17 Troy, the owner's son refused to honor the 36 month - 36,000 mile warranty on over $1,100 worth of front end work because I bought my two CV Drive Axle assembly brand new with lifetime warranty from Napa Auto on Gaffney Road. I have my original Chevron receipt dated 06-07-2016 showing full warranty but no mention of voided warranty for buying my parts new from NAPA. Being a woman, I would never pay over $1,100 for repairs without a warranty. If I were told by University Chevron my entire warranty would be voided I would have immediately returned my new parts to Napa. Napa Auto stands 100% behind their lifetime warranty, what a shame University Chevron doesn't.