A little expensive for an oil change and tire rotation but then what isn’t in Alaska? Several dummy dash lights were on when I picked truck up but they cleared as I got back out on the road. My one complaint is that the air pressure light is on and staying on. This was not an issue when I brought the truck in. Not a big deal and I’m sure they’d put a little air into them if I brought it back in. I will be using them again.


I love the superb quality service and the confidence I have in my vehicles after they have been to University Chevron!!


Unable to properly place the plug in a good location.


I was not that happy when I found out you didn’t bother to get the tires until the day you needed them and at that time were $3 a piece more. When I made the appointment I was told they needed to have some time to get the tires because you were out. I would have been really unhappy had they not been able to get them on this day. Have always been satisfied with the work performed.


Early morning drop-off at 7:30a went great, then as the day went on, not so great. Around 3p I called to see when or if my car was going to be done before 6p because I needed to take a taxi to another business if it was not. I left messages which were not returned, got Trent once who didn't know and was very brusque. All calls after that until past 5p went to voicemail. Finally I got the front desk who was just finishing up my paperwork, I asked for a ride and he said the driver had to go to practice early so I would have to find alternative means to get to them. I took a taxi and the front desk was uniquely disorganized and slow - always before paperwork was done, but this time there was a lot of tension at the front desk and nothing much was being taken care of. Not the usual service I have come to expect over the years at University Chevron. Just a bad day? I hope so.


08-17-17 Five Star Rating. We had a misunderstanding about warranty coverage but we were able to resolve our issue and come to a mutual agreement. I'm very pleased with University Chevron's work. Mike and Troy were exceptional. Thank you!


I took in two vehicles to get serviced/winterized (yesterday and today). Even though one quote was off a bit, you guys still did a great job on my vehicles (husband inspected). One happy customer and will definitely recommend yall to any newbies.


One Star Rating. I took my 2007 Toyota Tacoma to University Chevron because they were highly recommended by a few friends. 08-10-17 Troy, the owner's son refused to honor the 36 month - 36,000 mile warranty on over $1,100 worth of front end work because I bought my two CV Drive Axle assembly brand new with lifetime warranty from Napa Auto on Gaffney Road. I have my original Chevron receipt dated 06-07-2016 showing full warranty but no mention of voided warranty for buying my parts new from NAPA. Being a woman, I would never pay over $1,100 for repairs without a warranty. If I were told by University Chevron my entire warranty would be voided I would have immediately returned my new parts to Napa. Napa Auto stands 100% behind their lifetime warranty, what a shame University Chevron doesn't.


I am giving this review in hopes that the shop will improve, I am a big supporter of local Fairbanks businesses but the auto repair industry in this town is sub-par at best. This review is a personal experience I had with College Chevron. This past winter I was out of town and my truck was plugged in during a cold snap of -25/-30 and when going to start up in a.m it would not start and froze up. The truck was plugged in all night so I new that the problem was due to the winterization set up or the battery was dead. I had the truck towed to Uni Chevron because I had to head out of town on a trip. So after a full day of my truck sitting in there lot outside in the cold I called several times and they called back 2 days later asking what the issue was. I told them that my plug in heater trickle charger was not operating correctly and the truck was freezing up not starting. They called back later afternoon said that I needed a new charger and battery and they said it would cost me around $400 with labor!!! This is just price gauging the parts would be under $200 anywhere online and labor should take an hour or less. Anyhow I was out of town and needed it fixed so I authorized them to get it working. When I went in to pick up the truck they said they replaced the parts and it was working. So I plugged it in overnight and went to start in morning and save problem as before it did not start was frozen. So I took it to the Ford dealer and they told me uni chevron used a cheap ass trickle charge replacement and they told me I still had the original battery in the truck when univ chevron charged me for a replacement!!! Furthermore the ford dealer told me there was no need to replace the trickle charger. So seekins ford was great got everything in line and actually put in a new battery and checked all winterization components for 125 dollars. I immediately called uni chevron back and told them they ripped me off and didnt even put in a new battery that they charged me for. The manager was very rude and did not believe me when I told them what had happened at their shop. I told him I demanded a refund and I would be going by their shop. He said they would have to look at the battery because they didnt believe my claims against their shop. The manager finally realized they completely F*** up my trucks winterization and didnt even put in a battery. The manager cut me a check for a full refund finally and gave me a $10 off any service coupon (like I was going to return to that shop:!). So not only does this shop have no problem triple charging for parts but they have sketchy mechanics. If I was a customer that had no knowledge of auto repair they could have gotten away with this. Overall my experience was a nightmare and waste of time, I would not recommend this shop and suggest they hire more competent mechanics. Fairbanks is notorious for this type of service due to low competition. My advice do your own work if possible or find a personal connection.


I was disappointed with the service I received during my last visit. I spoke with Eddie about the issues with my hub assembly when dropping off the pick-up, and at the end of our conversation I left with the impression that I would be paying sixty dollars or so for the service. However, when I returned I discovered that the total bill was two hundred and sixty bucks, and that just the parts by themselves had cost sixty dollars. I don't know if I misheard him or if he used vague wording (and the truth of the matter is that I would've paid what I had to in order to get the work done, because it needed to be done), but I wasn't happy to be surprised with the grand total in the final stages of the transaction. Additionally, I was charged a fifty dollar inspection fee, apparently as a result of my request to ascertain whether the issue with the hub assembly had damaged the bearing, brakes, etc.... but that fee was never mentioned to me, it was simply tacked on to the bill. Another surprise. To sum it up, I feel as though I was tricked into paying for services I hadn't been aware I would be paying for.