I brought my vehicle in due to issues with the power steering. Paid 2500 which included a new power steering hose. Upon my vehicles return I continued to experience problems. Brought the vehicle back and the workers informed me the other hose now needed to be repaired. It would have saved me a lot of time and money if they would have done an efficient check the first time through as I eventually ended up paying 3000 total, more than a 4th of my vehicles value. I will not return to the University Chevron.


Overall good service & work, but estimates of the time needed to do the work are always considerably shorter than actual, disrupting our schedule for the rest of the day. Better to tell us it will take more time, then pleasantly surprise us by having it done early.


Good work done on time Great place


Chevron is great, friendly and always willing to help..


As always, well done!!


I am getting used to new staff, and I like how the seasoned staff provide such great customer service, ensuing trust. I am used to great service and courteous customer service and am glad that my belt can be covered under the warranty.


A little expensive for an oil change and tire rotation but then what isn’t in Alaska? Several dummy dash lights were on when I picked truck up but they cleared as I got back out on the road. My one complaint is that the air pressure light is on and staying on. This was not an issue when I brought the truck in. Not a big deal and I’m sure they’d put a little air into them if I brought it back in. I will be using them again.


I love the superb quality service and the confidence I have in my vehicles after they have been to University Chevron!!


Unable to properly place the plug in a good location.


I was not that happy when I found out you didn’t bother to get the tires until the day you needed them and at that time were $3 a piece more. When I made the appointment I was told they needed to have some time to get the tires because you were out. I would have been really unhappy had they not been able to get them on this day. Have always been satisfied with the work performed.